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Jersey # Name  Position   Height  Weight  Exp. Last School           
2 Tydesha Mayo RB/LB 5'3" 165 10 yrs. BCCC
3 Toneika Taylor WR/DB 5'0" 113 1 yr. BCCC
4 Cynthia Tyson QB/DE 6'0" 195 11 yrs. Trenton, NJ
5 LaByanca Harvey WR/QB/DB 5'3" 135 10 yrs. Northwestern High School
10 Brandy Hayward
2 yrs.
Towson University
 11 Tanya Savage QB/DB   5'1"  108 7 yrs.   Art Institute of Pittsburgh
 14 Rayna Dukes  WR/DB  5'7"  113 10 yrs.   ITT Tech
16 Erica Johnson DB 5'5" 125 1 yr. Martinsburg High School
20 Janae James WR/DB 5'2" 125 2 yrs. ITT Tech

27 Christina Copelin TE/DE 6'2" 210 7 yrs. Lincoln Tech



45 Candis Williams LB 5'6" 165 10 yrs. Norfolk, VA
50 Precious Jackson DE

R Carver Vo-Tech High School
52 Jennifer Leaf OL/DL 5'9" 215 6 yrs. Shepard University
60 Debra Miller DL 5'5" 165 15 yrs Forest Hill, MD

73 Rikkia Dameron OL/DL 5'5" 225

 75 Tyeshawn Hicks OL/DL 5'10" 175 R Buffalo University
92 Sheenika Hughes OL/DL 5'10" 230 5 yrs. North America Trade School















Being a member of the Baltimore Burn is special.   It
doesn't matter how big you are, how fast you can run, or how many
touchdowns you score.  We are all equal parts in one big Black and Red
 Machine.  That's right!  We are the Red and Black attack!  Our 3rd color,
Gold, represents our goal.  We can only achieve the goal if EVERY Burn
player exudes the following qualities.  These are the qualities that will
 make us GOLD!
The Baltimore Burn will be
 Bold - You will play this game without Fear.  There will be no fear of the
 opponent,  no fear of injury or pain, and most of all, no fear of failure.

The Baltimore Burn will be
 United - You will play as a Team. No One more important than the Whole. You
will work hard to pick up your sister, rather than put her down.  If help
 is needed, you will offer assistance. If you need help, you will be
 relieved.  This is the only way we will survive.

 The Baltimore Burn will be
 Ready - You will be prepared.  You will know everything about every
 opponent that you need to know.  You will know your assignment on every
 play which you are involved.  Lastly, you will prepare your body by keeping
 in football shape.  Remember, it's not about you, it's about the team.  How
 can you mistreat your body and skip practices when you know your team is
 depending on you.

The Baltimore Burn will be
 Ntense - That's the Burn way to spell it!  You will give 100% of everything
 you have.  You will not quit, you will go as hard as you possibly can for as
 long as you possibly can.  Remember your sisters have your back.

 This is the Burn way.  If you accept these qualities, we will be Gold!!


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