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  Baltimore Burn Football 
"A Charm City Tradition"
15 Years of Continuous Competition

Baltimore Burn Women's Full Contact Football

The Baltimore Burn Women's Full Contact Football team is a Proud Member of the 
United States Women's Football League

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Baltimore Burn Football


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Baltimore Burn family. You are now part of an elite organization that will only get better with your presence. Nothing was given to you. You EARNED your way onto this team and I appreciate every effort and sacrifice that you've made. I will be asking for your continued support as we embark upon the 2017 Baltimore Burn Football Season. I will ask you to give even more than you've given thus far. I will expect you to work harder than ever before and at times, you may feel that I'm asking for too much. This is why you were chosen. As a member of the 2017 Baltimore Burn, you will be trained to climb the highest mountain and to conquer the toughest foe. NOTHING is out of your reach. We as a team will accomplish many great things.


I thank you in advance for our success.


Debra Miller, Owner

Baltimore Burn Women Football Team

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